Thursday, January 17, 2013

Tool Shed Talk

We were in the wood shop getting some tools from my great uncle, as he began to dig through a drawer,
He said "You know things used to be made to last, but things are made to be replaced anymore.
Take for instance this shovel, it's sturdy, sharp and still works well though I've had it since the thirties.
This collection was your great grandpa's he got it from his grandpa and eventually gave it to me."
He sighed and said quite pointedly "You kids will never know the quality of things that I was raised with.
You'll get by I'm sure but gosh, it makes me sick to see the world that your kids will grow up in.
The problem goes much deeper than what's in this tool collection, take for instance quality of life.
It's common now for kid's to be unfamiliar with their parents and if they do know them, there's strife.
We used to be able to make an honest living but now you have to send a large percentage of your income
to those who've chosen not to work, what started out as a sensible program sure has gone wrong.
I remember back when I was just a kid my dad told me that I'd never know freedom like he'd known.
Your generation doesn't stand a chance at saving freedom, I wouldn't have told you that before but now you're grown.
Cherish your ability to say what you think and to practice your love and faith in God.
Don't take those things for granted, by the time you are called to heaven and leave this sod,
a whole new generation will be in the midst of an even more enslaved world.
It's hard to fathom, I thought it was impossible way back when and now I'm seein' it unfold.
 Remember the things that are not man made, and that society can affect, only if you allow it to.
Strive to change your little world, live for God and love people like we've been put on this earth to do.

This is a real account from my Uncle Palmer. Thank you uncle Palmer for your wisdom and thank you for letting me share it!

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  1. well said, may we never forget our roots...or remove the old land marks. Proverbs 22:28