Thursday, January 31, 2013

Too Much Hat, Not Enough Cowboy

As a rancher  you might understand those times that roll around,
when an extra hand or two is needed to get the cattle found 
or rounded up or branded or vaccinated too. 
We've had some pretty great helpers, but we've also had a few
who just weren't sure about the workings of an operation like ours.
These greenhorns were the worst, though, when they were experts after helping just an hour.
One time when we were fencin' the city boy with us recommended,
"Why don't you pour concrete in the post hole so that this pasture fence is ever mended?"
Another insisted on dehorning at our branding. He said he was an expert at it for sure.
He did a good enough job taking horns off, he even took my brother-in-law's finger.
The vaccinations and bucking horses, I'd love to tell you about.
But then the doctor bills would start surfacing and our insurance man would surely come out.
There is one thing that brings a chuckle, but I keep it quite and hid,
it's the way they have fancier boots and "cowboy clothes" than any of us ever did!
I've heard one phrase to sum it up, to state the point but keep it tact.
They're only tryin' to help after all but there's just not enough cowboy and too much hat!

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