Sunday, January 20, 2013

Sunday Ramblings...Narrow Minded

I'm a pretty "what ya see is what ya get" kinda person. I always thought it would be nice to be docile and sweet, or poised and still powerful. But, God made me short, blunt and a little bit more of a blonde than I ever bargained for.
The other day I blurted out my opinion, after it was asked for of course, about a political issue. I was then caught off guard when the person I was talking to called me narrow minded.
Narrow minded. I took a deep breath, looked it up [Lacking tolerance, breadth of view, or sympathy] and decided I needed to be even more enraged. How dare I be called intolerant?!  I went to college long enough to get more than one degree. Pretty sure if I am intolerant I would have high tailed it off of that campus on day one. Breadth of view, well my eyesight is 20/20 when I wear my glasses and I have so much view that I am smart enough not to watch abc's program that goes by that name. Lastly, lack of sympathy? Anyone who knows me can relate to my over sympathetic ways that are so very sympathetic that they are almost more pathetic than anything else. Thus, I'm not narrow minded. Done. I began to prepare my rebuttal so that I could tell the accuser off and put them in their place.
That's when it hit me. If I begin to blurt out my opinion again, I'll likely prove their point more than if I just keep my big yapper shut. A closed mouth gathers no foot. Okay. Close mouth and get back to work.
Still focused on this thought of being narrow minded I looked up tolerant. Tolerant [Inclined to tolerate the beliefs, practices, or traits of others]. Although I do tolerate the beliefs, practices or traits of others I'm not sure that I'm inclined to. I usually have to force myself to, then I usually still end up slipping my opinion to the person in one way or another. Ugh. Dangit. I'm almost tolerant.
Next up, breadth of view: [The measure of the second largest dimension of a plane or solid, from narrowness or restraint; liberality]. Okay, measure of second largest dimension blah blah blah check, from narrowness or restraint blah blah blah check, liberal...double take...liberal?!?! Really? Okay! No breadth of view here! Thanks a lot for revealing to me my tolerance of liberals. That's right, I tolerate them but I sure disagree with them!
Okay last part of narrow mindedness. Lacking sympathy [compassion for another person's thoughts, feelings, and experiences]. I am totally in tune with other's thoughts, feelings and experiences. I spend plenty of time reading about damsels in distress on facebook! Wait...I don't thank that counts. I listen to girls who call all up in a tizzy. Ugh...then I usually decide they brought it on themselves and fight myself from telling them that. That's it. I'm not the most sympathetic person either. 
Could it be? According to the dictionary I am indeed narrow minded. During the few days after my realization, I wondered if being the definition of narrow minded was really so bad. Is it narrow mindedness that makes me the way I am it conviction?
Well, I guess I need to start up at the top of the list again. 
Lacking tolerance. Our world screams about this thing called tolerance day in and day out. We have to be tolerant of absolutely everything but I'm a white Christian conservative so no one needs to be tolerant of me. Let me re-read the definition of tolerance. Tolerate the beliefs, practices and traits of others. In all truth I do tolerate the beliefs etc. of others. This does not mean I need to accept them though. If I am still considered intolerant it is because I know the one true God. I know that He died on the cross for my sins and rose again so that I can have eternal life with Him. The events of His life are in the Bible and if you don't believe the Bible, His life is deep in the veins of world history (feel free to look it up). Because of my faith, I strive to be compassionate and loving, the Bible tells me to do so. But I can't just take that part of the Bible and run. In the book of life we are also taught about God's character. Did He lie down and let people trample over Him, nope! He called people out on their sins. I'm not sure I need to act in the exact same manner because I need to take care of the skeletons in my closet before I worry about the revealing clothes in my neighbors. But the Bible says time and again not to just be silent.  I want to please my heavenly father so I do attempt these pursuits. God also tells us to stay unfamiliar with the world. We shouldn't be wise in all of the world's ways because we are to be in it not of it. Folks, we are just passing through. We should be saturated in God and not all caught up in worldly things. 
I guess if you consider people with strong convictions for God and country narrow minded...I am. But if that is all narrow mindedness encompasses...I'm proud to be that way.

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