Monday, January 7, 2013

Remember When...

Remember when Daddy could do no wrong and you thought you'd marry him someday?
Remember when your best friend lived next door and you knew they'd never move away?
Remember when your mom would scold you for sitting too close to the television?
Remember when the hardest things in life were diagramming sentences and doing long division?
Remember when car rides were filled with made up games?
Remember when you'd make mud pies after a good spring rain?
Remember when singing from the tree house platform made you feel like Terry Clark?
Remember when that good ol' yellow dog could protect you just by lettin' out a bark?
Remember when we thought everyone went to Church like we did on Sundays?
Remember when we thought no one talked behind your back like they do these days?
Remember when the President was someone Daddy said was a hero?
Remember when you didn't worry about payin' bills or a credit score of zero?
Remember when your mama was the lady you wanted to grow up to be just like?
Remember when a day could be made complete by playin' outside and ridin' your bike?
Remember when nights were long and nightmares ended as soon as you woke up?
Remember when you'd say "I wan't to be big like dad and drive a Chevy truck."?
Remember when you didn't know anyone who'd ever been divorced?
Remember when sunny afternoons were spent out ridin' on your kid horse?
Remember when you prayed before public school classes would start?
Remember when mama would mark the wall for your height and make a chore chart?
Remember when summers were simple. They were long and full of family fun?
"Remember when"-We can still make these dreams true for our kids. Change starts with just one.

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