Friday, January 18, 2013

Primary Principles...Private Property

Today there is something I would like for you to think about not politically or radically but just as an American. Freedom is the cornerstone on which our country has been built. Our founding fathers longed for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and many other freedoms that, if we thought hard we would acknowledge but these freedoms don’t immediately pop into our minds.
Raise your hand if you live on land that you own. You can put your hand down now; I only saw the hands of those with color radio anyway. Private property is one of the most basic freedoms we have. It goes much deeper than holding the deed to an investment you’ve made that you can either pass on to your children someday or sell, most likely for much more than you purchased it for. Private property is what everyone longs for, to have something of their own, to control and improve as they see fit. I’m young so the respect, or lack thereof, that people have for private property now is all that I know firsthand. Nevertheless, I have family who was able to live during a freer time when private property really meant you chose to be a steward of your land because you wanted it to be sustainable for future generations. These family members are from a generation who knew no zoning or legislation that allowed the government to control any part of their land because of just that…it was theirs. Government does not have to take the title of your property to deprive you of your property. If you do not have the freedom to choose what you do with your property, it's not really yours. I urge you to do research on private property yourself, seek out the laws in your community and learn how your elected officials feel toward it. You have to fight every step of the way. No restriction is a good one. When we start giving up little choices and little rights we will eventually relinquish our rights completely.

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