Friday, January 25, 2013

Primary Principles...Deserve to Defend

Today there is something I would like for you to think about not politically or radically but just as an American. Freedom is the cornerstone on which our country has been built. Our founding fathers longed for freedom of religion, freedom of speech and many other freedoms that, if we thought hard we would acknowledge but these freedoms don’t immediately pop into our minds.
Today's Primary Principle is something that began when you were very young. When someone would attempt to push you down you'd push them back right? Even if you didn't return evil with evil you'd still know that you had the right to defend yourself. What about your mom, did she correct your sibling if they hit you for no reason? You see, we naturally have a tendency to stand up for ourselves and our families. It is human nature to defend your well being, in fact, it is all nature to defend one's well being. Look at a cactus plant does it have prickly spines to be pretty? No! The reason for it's spines are to defend itself from animals that would otherwise eat it. This is the same reason small badgers have such large claws and teeth or why different lizards are able to blend into their surroundings.
God made us to defend ourselves! Don't let anyone tell you different either. Guns aren't our only defense, the ability to speak freely in order to defend ourselves is another tool. However, guns are in the spotlight right now and it is best to act while the iron is still hot. Remember that the government doesn't have to show up at your door asking for your gun for this freedom to be taken away. By outrageously inflating the price of ammunition, making laws about hate speech or allowing frivolous background checks to determine to whom defense tools will be allowed, they can rob us of our right to defend ourselves without us even knowing it. When legislation starts to form that deprives us from our own ability to defend ourselves and our families, another brick from the wall of freedom is taken out thus leaving a hole.   

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