Wednesday, January 30, 2013

no such thing as a vegan

While in DC the other day I ran into a friend,
we hadn't seen each other since gosh I'm not sure when.
So acting like I always do, receptive, kind and such,
I asked her if we might take time to grab a bite of lunch.
I'm not one to spend a lot of money and eating out isn't always my pick.
But when I do, it's important to support the ag industry with a steak or a porkchop on a stick.
Well we sat down and I ordered a big ol' plate of meat,
"I'll have a salad" is what she said all prim and proper and sweet.
When asked if she'd like chicken or steak to top the rabbit food,
she said "oh no, no I'm a vegan! I don't take lives to eat, that's just plain rude."
Oh boy! I tried to hold it in but folks I tell you what,
there comes a time in each of our lives when ya just can't keep the ol' trapper shut.
I said "Susie what drove you to this new line of thinkin'? You're from a rural town.
Now the food choices you're makin' are part of a movement to shut us down."
"Well hun I don't think you understand the way things work in the least.
You see, I wouldn't want my life taken just to feed a nasty human beast."
Well folks if you thought I was mad before you should have seen me now.
I fired back "Maybe you don't understand, I've got a soul unlike a cow.
God made our animals to be harvested to feed us and to allow us to be dressed."
I sunk my teeth into my rare steak as she began to get full of contempt and distress.
"I'm choosing a healthy lifestyle and keeping away from hurting other living creatures."
I then realized I knew something that I doubted she did, so I began to quiz her.
"Susie, let's just take this rationally one topic at a time. We raise cattle so we'll start there.
I like those leather boots you have, but Susie do you know where
items like leather come from? Do you still use makeup, shampoo or conditioner?
Medicines? Charcoal? A hairbrush? Your lawn is beautiful you must use fertilizer."
"Well, yes to the hair products, I have to have my meds and a house is only as pretty as it's lawn."
"Oh Susie, can't you see that each of those things come from a cow, in fact the list goes on!
Like adhesives, plastics, fine bone China, pet food, soap and paint."
I continued to list things, but as I kept talking her face turned green and I thought she might faint.
The lesson that Susie learned that day is one that we should tell all living persons,
if you live a normal life at all, you use these things, thus, there's no such thing as a true vegan.

- Trinity Lewis


  1. Well said. Love these poems girl!

  2. You have a gift, keep on using it for His glory! LOVE this site and plan on returning often and telling others:)