Tuesday, January 22, 2013

my name, my brand

Spring is a fun season I always look forward to with anticipation. There is new life everywhere from calves and lambs to fresh green forage. I love going riding during spring evenings when some of winter's crispness lingers in the air but the sun is moving into a new position to get ready for summer sunsets. One of the funnest things in the spring are brandings. It is fun going to different neighbor's houses to lend a helping hand, visit and to experience the workings of a different operation. My dad has always been the official "brander" at our place. I remember times when he would let us kids help him, but I usually let the iron slip and would smudge the calve's hide for life...woops! I decided I better stick to wrestling and vaccinating! 
Now that I've moved away from home and work my city job, it is easy to think my days of having a brand are over. I have a few pieces of livestock left on my parent's place but not enough to buy a brand so I just let them stick the ol' lazy VP on the left hip. I've realized though, that I do have a brand.
My brand is my name. Trinity Lewis. Just like people associate certain brands with a quality of livestock, style of clothing or, like the Chevy bow-tie, a heavy duty pickup, people are bound to associate my name with...something. 
That's a pretty frightening thought! Whether we know it or not, people are always watching us. They watch to see if our actions actually line up with the things we say. They watch, maybe out of admiration to see if they can pickup something that we've done. Sadly some may even watch hoping that we will stumble so that their suspicions about us are correct. The great news is that when we are aware of our ability to "brand" we can be more conscious about the things we endorse and whether our actions line up with our endorsements.  
After we've branded our calves we can be confident that even if they wander into someone else's pasture, we'll get them back because we know that they belong to us. Think about the "brands" your name stands for. Make sure they are things you want to be remembered by and once you've done that, act so that no matter who sees you, they'll know which brand you're riding for!

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