Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Homemade Butter

The snow has been pretty finicky in our area. A tiny bit falls, then it stops. We get a few scuffs, then it stops. Everything clouds over, we get excited for moisture, then it all stops. What so many in this part of the country would do for some good moisture in the ground. Anyway, days like these remind me of cold winter days when we were younger.
We've always had milk cows and my mom has always made everything from scratch. I remember winter days when we would take the cream from the past few day's cows milk and make butter.
First, we'd put it in a jar that had a very tight lid. We would toss it back and forth to each other. We would roll it up and down the hall and make games out of our butter making. It seemed like it would take hours for our butter to finally form. When it did, we'd pour the buttermilk in a cup for my dad as he was the only one who really liked it. We'd take out the lump of butter and my mom would let us shape it however we wanted (I'd always pick hearts or smiley faces, no I'm not a hippy). We'd salt it and make a few adjustments and then we'd be done.
Although it took forever to make, we sure loved that butter. It was a piece of our own work and we actually were able to enjoy the fruit of our labor the same day we began.
It is easy to get frustrated with situations in life sometimes. It seems like we constantly work towards a goal but many times we've changed objectives before we've reached our goal. Sometimes the day in day out routine is so mundane that I wonder if I am making any difference at all.
 It can be easy to think of all of our long term goals that seem to never be accomplished, but sometimes it is good to focus on our short term goals. If you don't have any, make some. They're the building blocks to bigger and better things. Although I probably won't become President of the United States within the next year or two, I can accomplish my goal of reading deep into the history of our nation. I might not have changed that relative's mindset that I've been working so hard to convert, but I have become their good friend and, short term, that is just as important.
I think that our society has espoused this idea of getting frustrated and "deserving" a break, or "deserving" to quit. Since when do we deserve these kinds of things? It is kind of like the snow, things are progressing and progressing then they level out. Just when things seem to get hectic and impossible the scene clears up and we realize what is really important.
Strive with me, will you? Let's not get bogged down in current events and the hardships we'll face today. Instead we need to remember that this earth is just our temporary home anyway. We are immortal beings living in a very mortal world. I'm not sure what the end of my life will look life, or the end of yours. I do know that if we live our life as we were meant to, our reward will be better than homemade butter. 

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