Thursday, January 3, 2013

high feed prices, low cattle futures

I'm never surprised to learn from the people God has placed in my life. I'm often surprised though, how and the timing. This morning I arrived to work and, without going into detail, we had a bit of a crisis. My boss wasn't in yet so I just sat at my desk brainstorming (no, that wasn't the crisis that was my reaction to it!). When he arrived, I spilled all of my worries and anxieties about the situation. I was worried because I was certain this meant rough days ahead for our business and I was just sure we'd lose clients as a result.
He just shook his head knowingly and began talking to me in a language I understood better. He said "You can remember times when cattle prices were down and feed prices were up don't you?" I quickly assured him that I did remember many times like that. I also remember very scary droughts and times when things really could have gone bad enough to end our operation. "So how did your dad handle that?" he posed. Right away memories flashed into my mind of Daddy sitting down with our whole family and praying. Or, he would say the old quote from my great grandpa Cecil "It's always rained before." That's right. When Daddy would reassure me of this I wouldn't think about it again. I just trusted that Daddy would make the best decisions for our family. I knew that no matter what happened we'd be okay because Daddy always knew what to do.
My boss said, that's right. Things always work out, we just have to think of a creative way to deal with them and trust that God will help it all to carry through.
 Every time in business, or life that things seem to be flipped upside down, they somehow work out.  Even if, in the moment, it seems like the waves could never smooth back down. It seems to me often times within a few months I forget what the worries I had even were about. This is because of our heavenly "Daddy." He always knows what the markets of our lives are going to do. He helps us when we are in spiritual drought and when we feel like we've lost a "life client" i.e. a family member etc. God knows how to bring the situation back around.
Thus, I just need to trust Him. I'm glad we had my self proclaimed crisis at work today because that's just the thought readjustment I'd needed!

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