Wednesday, January 2, 2013

colors of the country

Growing up in the country things are learned in a unique way.
I learned equations with feed rations and nutrition with hay.
There's one thing for sure that many folks learned with a different mindset.
It's the rainbow's colors. We learned it country style, it's the way I won't forget.
I remember orange because it paints the sky on early summer mornings.
Red's the color of the barn. Every layer of paint brings childhood memories.
Blue is many things, about too many to write down real quick.
It's the color of the sky, the birds mama wouldn't let us shoot and the creek.
Pink's like the first sow I ever took to the county fair.
She didn't win but I learned a lot that summer so winnin' wasn't a care.
Black was said to be the color of money because of Angus cattle.
Daddy's always been a Hereford man so he said that talk was just rattle.
Purple's the color of the little ball on top of grandpa's scotch cap.
Tan's like wheat when it's ready to be harvested or like a burlap feed sack.
Gold was one of my favorites, it meant corn on the cob for supper.
White's like the pure face of a new born baldy calf out in the pasture.
You can't beat the bold yellow of a buckskin
Or the calves with different influence giving their hide that blue tinge.
Turquoise is on the jewelry mama only gets out for holidays and Church.
Bay is the color of that old kid horse we had, she could be tough to work.
There's no way to beat the hillsides with different splashes of green.
I wish it lasted all year but I guess it's saved for the reward of a new spring.
If it is love for the country or an interest in God you and I are sharing,
take time to notice the country around you because our creator is what it's declaring.
Trinity  Lewis

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