Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A month after Christmas

Officially a month's gone by since our Christmas celebrations.
I'm sure you're still full of joy for all of the various contributions
that you received over the holidays, the gifts, the fun, the food.
What? You don't even remember your gifts, What's with your foul mood?
Your bank account is empty, you say, you're now paying December's rent?
Well, I guess that completely explains then all of your lament.
Why am I so cheery you ask? Well I have a great reason indeed. 
You see, I was always taught it is better to give than to receive.
But still, material gifts were never too high a priority
we always thought the fun times and memories
were the thing we should try to fit in, like gathering together.
No need to buy gifts for each person, we just spend time and enjoy the weather.
You see, the gifts of making memories, sharing love and hope and joy
are much longer lasting than the hubbub that our culture chooses to employ. 
Sure, this year you may have missed your chance, 
but don't be discouraged, take a second glance.
Think of the smiling faces on your nephews when you showed them that card trick.
Your niece painted her nails with the polish you'd given her. That was pretty slick. 
Think of the conversations and the catching up you did at Christmas this past year.
Now try to do those all the more, and throughout the new year, you'll have Christmas cheer. 

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