Wednesday, December 19, 2012

when winters were tough...

The old man leaned back in his chair
listenin' in, and just sittin' there.
It was then that he'd had enough
he sat up strait and began to speak up.
"You kids think your life is hard
let me tell you some history, pard.
Winters used to be tough, ya see
least for folks like your parents and me.
We used to have to labor for hours
haulin' hay in a wagon, doctorin' scours.
Back then drifts were taller'n the fence
makin' keepin' things in pretty intense.
We spent many a night ridin' out in  the snow
to find our livestock and bring 'em back home.
When we got to the house no heat was on
the wood still needed splittin', we hoped it not gone.
Livestock weren't our only worry, we had family too.
Tryin' to keep them goin' wasn't always easy to do.
We didn't have the luxuries like you all right now.
We got by with less but things worked out somehow.
Runnin' water was unheard of back then.
We grew food in the garden and in the potato den.
Then there was the war where we fought face to face.
What a relief to be home and my family to embrace.
I left friends out there layin', not even in a cemetery. 
We still lose our men but at least not as many.
I'm not complainin' or lookin' for sympathy
I just want you to know so you can see
during these times of hardship and hopelessness,
they're the times to realize you're the most blessed.
At least we have livestock and at least we're free.
We have homes of our own and private property.
We can have guns to protect us and we can go to Church.
We can have family if we want, or we can just work.
If these troubles are the worst ones you've got
I'd be down on my knees tellin' God "thanks a lot."
If you like our freedoms and the way you live,
then be willing to stand up for all our country is."
Then the old man stood up and out the door left,
we realized that day, we're Americans and we're sure blessed. 

-Trinity  Lewis



  1. I remember my grandparents telling me of the times they had to endure such things...but they also said things were simpler...they focused more on the family. They worked together. They didn't have all the conveniences we do now...or all the technology. Yes, they worked very hard but I kind of envy the times they had...when actually sitting down together as a family for a meal was still done....they didn't have the iPhones, computers, tv....etc to get in the way of family time. It just makes me realize how important those times really are. I'm glad I was raised with a family that knew what hard work was but also knew the importance of family time. Thanks for posting Trinity!

    1. I absolutely agree! :) Thank you for sharing also!