Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Fisherman

I wrote this poem in high school. I found it the other day in my old bedroom and I'm excited to share it!

Early in the morning he walks to the dock.
It looks like he's drownin' worms but he's there for a talk.
He ties a leach on a leader at the end of his rod
and settles in for his daily talk with God.
He Says "God I know I aint perfect at all,
but Lord I thank ya for bein' there at my call.
Fishermen have been your followers from the start
so here I am for you, bless me with a fisherman's heart.
Let it be that my life acts as a hook.
Help me to always act Godly lest anyone look.
I want to use your guiding word and love as bait.
I'll tell them the good news so they have faith not fate.
Allow me to have patience like I have on the lake,
let me live a life that's genuine and never fake. 
On the days that I don't reel any fish in
be my encouragement to cast out again. 
Till tomorrow Lord I'll keep my tackle box in line
Knowin' it inside out so's I can quote it on a dime.
Now out to the world to witness I better go."
And away walks the man with his Bible and a pole.

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