Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Christmas Reason

Big snowflakes are falling and the calender has turned, it's almost time for Christmas here at home.
Firewood's been stacked, some's already been burned. The kids are back & they don't plan to roam.
Christmas traditions run deep out on the ranch and everyone waits all year for this special season.
After much preparation, making gifts and buying more they're ready to celebrate the "Christmas reason."

See many years ago while Mama did the washing little Sally looked up at her to ask a sober question.
"I've heard there is no Santa Clause, Tooth Fairy or Easter bunny so is there really a God in heaven?"
This question struck Mama by grief surprise, they went to Church every Wednesday and Sunday.
But even then the world was full of make belief and Mama understood why Sally thought that way.
She dried her hands on her apron as she pondered how to tell the little girl about the savior born.
Then she had a lovely thought, the perfect example, for it was the day before Christmas morn.

She told Daddy of her plan and together they began to get organized for an evening full of meaning.
By the time the sun had set the kids knew something was up. Each of them had faces gleaming.
Sally was the most intrigued wondering if her question would be answered with a yes or maybe no.
Mama passed out tall wax candles to each kid and daddy lit them 'till the whole room began to glow.
Then Grandpa in his wisdom started in Isaiah, it was the real story of Christmas he was reading.
When that was through they read Christmas cards and letters and proceeded with carols singing.

It was on that night, so long ago, that Sally understood Christ's love was the real Christmas reason.
And now the kids would no longer have any why's or how-come's about the Christmas season.
For a God so big, all knowing and all powerful to send his son to such a pitiful world so far away.
The greatest gift of all, the love He showed by coming, dying and rising again so we can live with Him someday.  

Now Sally has a Sally of her own and a nice husband and a little boy that they call Junior.
They love coming to Grandma's house to celebrate, but they know Christmas is a celebration all year.
So this Christmas don't let all of the hustle and bustle steal the cheer from your Christmas season.
Just take a trip back to the eve long ago when in a stable far away was born the Christmas reason.  

- Trinity Lewis

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