Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Bell Ringer's Love

"Who are the people at the grocery store door? 
The ones with cans and ringing bells that are red?"
A little girl asked her dad "The Salvation Corp.
 gathering change for people in need" he said. 
His face had brand new wrinkles, 
his hair new strands of grey.
Christmas would be hard this year, 
no Santa was coming their way.
"Let's put our change in there Daddy,
 we have so much maybe this will help someone with less."
He was reluctant to drop in the last of their money, 
but he needed to be an example, he guessed.
A kind woman and man, dressed warm smiled to say, 
"Thank you so much for your  donation."
As the dad and his daughter walked away, 
the woman with the bell had a suggestion. 

The dad and his daughter slowly walked home, 
many thoughts weighing heavy on his mind.
This Christmas would be the hardest one, 
on Christmas morning there'd be no gifts to find.
"Daddy, what do you suppose Santa'll bring me this year,
 and what for Sissy do you think?"
He swallowed a huge lump and held back his tears, 
that question almost sent him over the brink.
That evening the girls looked like angels, 
dressed in second-hand lace for the service at Church.
Then they hung stockings, while mom and dad dwelt 
on how to fill them and  how all of this would work.
"Off to bed now" mother said and the little girls 
danced off to dream of the gifts they'd receive.
Then the troubled couple put some candy with swirls
and an orange  in the stockings so the girls'd believe.

They went off to bed but together knew that 
when morning came explaining it all would be hard.
"Maybe we should tell them that Santa is a hoax 
or maybe we could say he just sent a card."
Early in the morning the girls woke up, carols singing
"May we come out now?" they yelled down the hall.
The parents had prayed that they'd say the right thing
when beneath the tree there'd be nothing after all. 
As the small family headed out to the living room, 
the parents could not believe their eyes.
Under the tree were four silver gifts. 
Even more than the girls, the mom and dad were surprised!

Each of them got warm hats and Lucy got the skates she'd wanted badly. 
Sissy got a brand new doll dressed in ribbons and purple and pink.
The girls were ecstatic "Look what we got Mom and Daddy!" 
"Who could have brought this?" was all the parents could think.
Then somewhere unbeknownst to them, a couple watched their joy.
The bell ringer from the store that day looked at her husband and said
"I think we found each of them a very perfect toy!
And we got the right size, those hats do fit their heads."

The story I've told is a true one it really happened
even if it wasn't quite in this way.
This Christmas let's remember
Santa is real even if he doesn't drive in on a sleigh.
Look for ways to help those, the ones in need of our love.
It will fill their hearts with Christmas cheer,
bless them and  honor God above.

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