Friday, December 14, 2012

hope for your heart 12-14-12

Our world is so crazy right now, killings in malls, the NFL and even in Elementary schools.
We know that this is wrong, we know this is sad. What's made our world think this is cool?
I'm so far away from these situations, what can I do to help? Is there any hope at all?
Someday I'll have kids, is it even smart to bring them into this world where love's become small?
Then I remember I have a much greater hope than what this little piece of earth has to offer.
This isn't my home, this isn't what we were made for, someday I'll go home to my Father.
Sin wasn't meant to be part of us. When the world was new, there in the garden with Adam and Eve,
they ate the forbidden fruit and thus chose the path of death, separation, trials and grief.
As the world continued it grew more and more obvious that man thought he had a greater plan.
We chose to disobey God, changing social norms, running from Church, shunning Christ's commands.
Today, I'm not there at Sandy Hook, I probably would just be in the way if I was.
I don't need to press my opinion and try to convince all that everyone should have guns.
I should press the truth that I know and share the hope I still feel inside.
I have a God who has a plan. I can look to Him for hope and in Him I confide.
I'll do what I can to send prayers their way, but I can have the most influence here at home.
I can tell people about a better life, I can tell them  the way we should live, a life that's not so alone.
When we choose to follow our Heavenly Father, and walk down that strait and narrow path,
we'll have a glorious place to ascend to when we die and finally, some hope for our world we'll have.

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