Thursday, December 13, 2012

Country Kids vs City Kids

When I was still young enough to live at home, I just knew that the kids who lived in town had things way better off. See, when they got done with school they'd all get together and go to the movies or "cruise the loop." These were things I was pretty unfamiliar with because I had to go home and help milk cows, clean the chicken coop or do other chores I didn't speak of in front of my peers. I've learned that most things are translated differently in the country than they are in the city. I'll show you what I mean:

1. I'm Bored
city mom's response: That's why I bought you a new game for your ____(fill in the blank).
my mom's response: I know just the job outside that needs to be done.
2. I'm Cold
city mom's response: Oh! Let's turn up the heat!
my mom's response: Go split some wood or just put more clothes on.
3. I'm Feeling Sick:
city mom's response: You better not go to school today, we can't be spreading that.
my mom's response: Go outside and hay the bulls, you'll probably feel better.
4. My car is old, I think I need to change things up.
city mom's response: You're dad and I have been looking at some new options for you. How does a     2013 'stang sound?
my mom's response: Perfect because, Spendy, Tom, Blaze, DI and Dilly all need to be rode.
5. (This one is said by the parents) It's time for you to get a job.
city kid's response: But...Well...Do I have to? What'll happen if I don't?
country kid's response: FINALLY! In a heated building, with lunch breaks, no shoveling, riding, milking or feeding involved? I'm in!

Haha Okay so some of these might be a tad bit exaggerated. But they sure were how I felt back in those days. Even though my mom and dad weren't quite as strict as I like to make them sound, they were stern. I can thank them for that now because it's played a huge part on making me who I am today. 

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