Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Computer Terms By Grandpa

My grandpa's getting up in years, he's a geezer some might say,
he's always in good humor and conducts himself in a funny way.
He's never told me the following, at least not quite in this lineup
I can just imagine him with a smirk on his face chime-in  this up.

"Kids when I was your age we didn't have those little phones.
Those buttons and the "texts" you do will turn you into a drone.
Back then "posts" were those wooden things, ya know along the fence.
You don't think "tweets" are bird songs? Golly, you are kinda dense!
When I "liked" something that meant I used it or bought it at the store,
"myspace" is this area around me, if you step into it I'll leave ya sore.
"Mac" was our big cattle truck, it traveled real far and "apples" were a fruit.
Now their're "widgets" and "bings" and the way you "add friends", well that's cute.
When we needed to spread word we'd announce it at Church, no need to push "send."
"Bullets" came out of our rifles and "sites" were the little things on the barrel's end.
"Settings" was what mama'd do to the table before the meals we would eat.
"Hard drives" were those long days of pushin' cows, at the end we'd be beat.
A "safari" was an African hunt and "explorer's" were the Lewis and Clark boys.
Spiders used to be the only ones concerned with "webs" and "surfin'" was for the beach boys.
I wouldn't wanna spend too much time in the water, rumor has it those sharks "byte."
We didn't have a "spell check." We had tests to learn that in the school.
"Alignment," let's just say I still deal with that it's not all that cool.
"Kindle your fire" that aint  readin' that's gettin' the house warm by "loggin' on."
You kids keep up your crazy jargon, the normal talk from my day must be long gone."

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