Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Cookies

As a little girl it's easy to imagine that I would get extremely excited for Christmas. This meant many things; ripping open Christmas gifts, hot cider on the stove, Christmas socks (not like I didn't wear them all year long but when it was actually their season it was especially cool), multi-colored lights, family everywhere and my favorite...Christmas Cookies!!

I've never been an expert chef but I've never let that keep me from trying. I would get out my mom's great big mixer (a Bosch for those of you that remember those) I'd climb up on one of our wooden dining chairs and get to work. Most of the time I could only reach the cookie sheets because they were in a cupboard near the floor. For the rest of the ingredients, I'd walk on the counters and pretend like that little kitchen was my wonderland (no, the food service would not have been impressed with this germ infested habit but how else was a three foot girl going to get any of her Christmas baking done?). I would spend hours getting all four batches of sugar cookies through the oven and onto the cooling rack. I can remember multiple times that I'd fall asleep while I was baking and my mom would have to be the responsible one who rescued the cookies.

When they were cut out, baked and cooled it was time (drum roll pleas) for FROSTING AND DECORATING!!! I'd cut them out as candy canes, stars, bells, angels, Santa, trees and ornaments. My mom, or one of my big sisters, would help me mix five or six different colors of frosting and away I would go. Blue stars with yellow sprinkles, candy canes that were the traditional red and white and candy canes meant to look like the fruity ones you can buy. Gingerbread men who had boy costumes and gingerbread women who wore skirts. Christmas trees with "red hots" for decorations, silver and gold bells and one rainbow cookie of every shape (these were my favorite.)

Looking back, those cookies weren't as impressive to look at as I always imagined they were. My family probably choked many down just to make me feel good. One thing is for sure though, every cookie was just a little bit different. I had to treat them different too because if I didn't completely cool the candy cane shaped cookies they would break in half. If I didn't bake the big trees extra long they would be gooey in the middle. Each detail needed to be tended to and I thought I did a pretty good job of that.

Aren't we like Christmas cookies and God our baker? He knows that each of us need to be treated in a certain way and the way I need to be treated might be completely different than the way you  need to be treated. Just like I'd make certain cookies for certain family members, God has made each of us for a very special purpose. The wonderful thing to know is that God never falls asleep while we're "in the oven" or puts a wrong measuring in the mix. He makes us just like he wants us. This weekend while you go about your Christmas shopping, gatherings and whatever else you may be planning, look for God in the things you're doing. Ask Him which life road he wants you to take. Oh, and remember you are fearfully and wonderfully made, an ordinary person meant to do extraordinary things! 

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