Saturday, December 1, 2012

Bowling Boxes

Yesterday was a very busy day to say the least. My former college campus was home to a homicide. By the end of the ordeal three people were reported having lost their lives. To many of us, this is the third tragic situation that has happened in the past three months involving our college and people who attended there. Throughout each of these tragedies, I've come to realize how fragile life is. My favorite way to think about it is like this. On a tombstone there is a start date, a dash and an end date. We have no control over the either of the dates, just the dash in between. That dash is only about an inch long. A humbling thought when we consider our life in relation to eternity, our lives are tiny and in just the blink of an eye they're over.
Justin and I have started a little Friday night tradition. If we have no other social engagements we go down to the local bowling alley for a few games. Last night we'd laced our shoes, picked out our balls and were just ready to begin when a mom and her two kids came in and sat down at the lane beside us. Still feeling down about the day's events, I found myself watching the way those little kids bowled. Even if they only hit two pins they would come running back to their seat, celebrating and dancing to the music. I was on our lane throwing the ball down and getting frustrated because my scores were low and weren't improving, probably because my attitude wasn't improving either. I noticed that the little kids were just a couple of years older than my nieces and nephews and I swallowed a huge lump in my throat as I realized how fast each of them is growing up.
 At this point I knew I'd probably break into tears if I didn't stop thinking all of these sad thoughts. I looked up at the score screen and thought about how that screen was kind of like that "dash" that represents our lives. Each box tallies your score and at the end of ten boxes the sum of your entire game is displayed. Most likely we have many more than just ten windows on our "life scoreboards." In our life each of the boxes is like a period in our lives. The first one would be our childhood, the second our high school and college years. Maybe the third is the start of our married lives before kids come along, anyway you get the idea. In bowling a strike means you hit all ten pins at once. However, you don't just get ten points for that. The score you receive on your strike depends on the amount of pins you knock down during the next turn. We know that in real life, the next period in our life can't change the previous one. Nevertheless, the way we react to situations that come our way really does set the tone for the way we'll receive situations to come.
Thus, today I strive to live in a way to where each of the "boxes" on my life score boards are so full of selflessness, love and faith that my dash will be as purpose filled as possible!

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  1. Love it!:) Thanks for the encouragement to have a good attitude no matter what is going on around us.:) Be blessed!:) A little thought: Phillipians 4:7-8:)