Monday, December 17, 2012

An Old Fashioned Town

There's a little town a ways from here it's frozen still in time.
Moms and Dads are still married and kid's worst sin is lyin'. 
The stores are named after their owners: Murphy's and Don's.
Clyde owns the only bar and Slim has the full service gas station.
Innocent entertainment is still what keeps this town a hoppin'.
Dances are held at the community center and everyone gets to rockin'.
The school morning begins everyday with a pledge to Old Glory.
In the wintertime people don't deny the love of the Christmas story.
Schools are closed for important things like opening day of deer season,
brandings and dockings and calf shippin' days, not doin' that would be treason
When evening comes and the sun is down and all the work is through,
families gather around the radio to listen to theater and the news. 
Not everyone has a radio yet, they are a pretty expensive luxury.
That's fine just grab an instrument and conduct a family symphony. 
In this little town frozen in time, Church and State aren't a huge issue.
Call they mayor the judge or preacher, he's one in the same, he's Hugh. 
When a winter storm takes over, once the animals are all safe in a canyon,
the fun begins, everyone gets together for board games, cards and backgammon.
This little place is out there, I'm just not sure quite where to find it.
I'll dream of it as I go about my day and one day I'll finally locate it. 


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