Friday, December 7, 2012

An old fashioned Mama

My mama was quite old fashioned but this I didn't know.
Our bread she would bake herself, our clothes she would sew.
When Christmas came our mama didn't take us to the store.
We'd build toys and make blankets and much, much more.
Flour from a store bag? Only city folks bought that.
Mama, she'd grind wheat and put it in a burlap sack.
Easter was always exciting, new dresses we'd help make.
Our home ec was taught by Mama, every day was a class we'd take.
She'd never had a pedicure, manicure or been to the day spa.
She was too busy movin' cows, sortin' sheep and helpin pa.
Mama would insist on havin' hayrides when the moon was full.
She'd help load hay on the hay rack and hook the tractor up to pull.
Mama was always good at milkin' cows and feedin' bum lambs.
She'd drop whatever she was doin' to lend a neighborly hand.
Mama could wrangle all of us kids and keep daddy and the ranch on track.
If an average woman tried the things mama did, they'd have a heart attack.
Mama was old fashioned in many more ways than I've listed.
She read the Bible and treated others like she wanted to be treated.
When I was a little younger and people'd say "your just like your mom"
I'd get frustrated and fake a smile and try to prove them all wrong.
Now that I'm older and understand the value of the things mama taught,
when people say I'm like her I feel glad and say "Thank you, thanks a lot."

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