Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Mama to Her Baby: 12-14-12

I won't pretend to know what's going through the minds of people who were closely impacted by the happenings in Sandy Hook yesterday. These are some things that were going through my mind, the victims and my families sure are in my prayers and I know that many are thinking of them today.   

"I already had your Christmas gift, it was just the one you asked for.
Last month we had so much fun celebrating as you turned four.
Our worlds will be very different now that you, our baby is gone.
I have no idea where to go from here, no way to just move on.
Your smile is still all I can see, you'd just lost your fifth tooth.
We did everything we could for you, we don't want to face this truth.
We have a room painted your favorite colors, a dresser full of your things.
Hate, anger, bitterness and shocks of regret all of this craziness brings.
I feel like I've no air in my lungs, I'm trapped in this tragedy and can't get away.
Maybe this is a nightmare I'll wake up tomorrow and have you another day."
- Mom

"Mommy you're right I'm up here in heaven with Jesus.
He's everything you said he would be to each of us.
He holds my hand when we cross the golden streets.
He gives me all I could want, you should see all these treats!
Yesterday was really scary Mommy but Jesus is helpin'.
He said that big boy who came in to do that was hurtin'.
I know you'll miss me for a little bit, Daddy will too.
Time's different here and in the blink of an eye I'll see you.
Please stay strong Mommy, I know you want to cry.
Just keep that faith you taught me about so I'll see you when you die.
As for that big boy, I'm worried about his family still at home.
They probably hurt more now that some of their family is gone.
My best friend Billy is up here we get to play all of the time.
You and Daddy be brave and know I'm with Jesus now so I'm just fine."
- your baby

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