Tuesday, November 13, 2012

the seeds you sow...

My mom used to have a huge garden. Many summer days were spent pulling weeds, watering rows and building fence around her plants so that no animals would get in and destroy them. I'm not sure if she did gardening for the love of it, or if she just knew the importance of growing our own food so that during the winter we had nourishment. The fall was always extremely rewarding. We'd pick corn, beans, tomatoes, many other things but one of the most memorable was pumpkins. Of course we'd set the pumpkins on our step for decoration during October and through Halloween but when November hit, it was time to care for the pumpkins so that we could use them for baking.

I always thought that processing pumpkins was fun and I loved (and still love) baking with them. We'd cut them in half, or smaller portions depending on their size, clean out all of their seeds and the "stringy stuff", stick them on a sheet in the oven and bake them until they were soft. Then we'd take the skins off of them, blend them so that they were the right texture for baking, and finally, we'd put them in bags and into the deep freeze they'd go.

It is fascinating that even the smallest of pumpkins can have huge amounts of seeds in them. We always cook these seeds up and eat them, but these seeds remind me of seeds in life. We are just one person but we have the ability to spread many seeds. We can spread seeds of friendship, love,  a positive attitude or a witness of our faith.  Even though we may not realize it, people are always watching to see if our conduct matches the things we say we stand for. It's that old saying of practicing what you preach. The sad thing is that we can also plant seeds that aren't so good.

This is something I have to be cautious of every minute of every day. I might be in a bad mood so I feel that I have the right to gripe to a co-worker or snap at a family member. But do I take into account that these actions are planting seeds? Seeds that might reap a harvest of self doubt or even depression in others. By telling people about the little miracles happening in my life, I can plant much more desirable seeds. Maybe it's just a smile, hug or a kind word that can totally turn someones day, or even their life, around.

So today I ask, what kind of seeds will you commit to planting?

"Think twice before you speak, because your words and influence will plant the seed of either success or failure in the mind of another. "
"Talk unbelief, and you will have unbelief; but talk faith, and you will have faith. According to the seed sown will be the harvest."

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