Thursday, November 8, 2012

Thank you veterans!

“What exactly is a veteran?” A little girl looked up at me and asked 
so I took her outside and showed her an old man mowin’ the grass. 
We went down the street further into the old car parts store 
Sittin’ around eatin’ peanuts and talking, we saw three more. 

They come in the forms of grandpas, uncles, even moms and dads. 
They’re farmers, ranchers and business owners. Some lost all they had. 
The little girl, started to look confused. “Is everyone a vet? 
And are they the same as animal doctors?” She didn’t understand just yet. 

I’ll make this much simpler, dear. They’re not always easy to identify. 
Vets are humble and don’t ask to be praised or glorified. 
But there are a couple things you’ll notice about them that gives it away. 
They open doors for ladies, have firm handshakes, “sir and ma’am” they’ll say. 
They’re the most patriotic people that live in our little town. 
They’re the ones who fought and were willing to die so that freedom would abound. 

They might be quiet and never tell you stories of the war. 
Lots of things they went through are things we can’t imagine and would leave our minds sore. 
Some of them lost their best friend or a sibling while they were out protecting us. 
But never do they complain or want pity; I’ve never heard one fuss. 

There's a team that's small but very mighty that keeps us safe and free.
It's God our savior and veterans, they give there all for you and me. 
Little girl the next time you see a vet, you’ll know that he is one. 
No matter what he is doing, approach him, shake his hand and say "thank you" for all he's done.

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