Saturday, November 17, 2012

thank you prayer - from the country

This is a little early, but it was on my heart. We serve such an amazing God :) I can't thank him enough for the life I live and the people I love. 
I’m thankful for our garden and the spread on the table before us.
I’m thankful for the cows mooin’ and sheep baaain’ in a country chorus.
I’m thankful for a dry barn and a loft that’s full of hay.
I’m thankful for many things, but country makes me most thankful today.
I’m thankful for the sale barn where we get our annual check,
I’m thankful for the gobblin’ of the turkeys and the chickens, how they peck.
I’m thankful for the canyons and trees that shelter our livestock.
I’m thankful for the pond, for the summer fun we have jumpin’ from the dock.
I’m thankful for good fences, with solid posts and sturdy wire.
I’m thankful for the wood stove on winter nights and gatherin’ round the fire.
I’m thankful for the way of life we get to live out here on the land.
Sure it’s hard sometimes but really, Lord, it’s grand.
We know where our food comes for both for our mouths and for our souls.
We know the innocence of little kids and the learning we get from chores.
We get to gather with neighbors for brandin’ and dockin’ and for Sunday dinner.
We thank you for the humble pride we feel at fair when our livestock is the winner. 
We thank you for taking care of us even when times are tough.
We thank you for our neighbors and our country and the people who defend us.
I'm thankful for dark soil, this year's crop and all the rain.
Lord, thank you for the people we gather with today, keep them safe 'till we're together again. 
- Trinity  Lewis

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