Monday, November 19, 2012

Sunday Ramblings... Thanksgiving "To Do" list

I first better give credit to my Sunday Ramblings this time. These are right from Sunday's Church service (Steve Miller). 

Being a goal orientated person, I love the thought of having a list of "To Do's" right now. Previous to yesterday's sermon my list looked a little something like...
1. Cut up deer.
2. Make food for Tuesday's gathering.
3. Give Justin a haircut.
4. Pack to go to visit family.
5. Say a thank you prayer or two.

Wow! Sunday's sermon sure lit a fire beneath me. The "list" that I'm referring to was taken out of Psalm 100, and looked A LOT different than mine.
1. Make a joyful noise unto the Lord.
We'll cheer at a football game, we'll cheer during the political debates, but are we being vocal                                       about God's work in our lives? 
2. Serve the Lord.
'Nuff Said :)
3. Come to Him with Thanksgiving.
A thankful heart is a happy heart! Do I always keep a Thankful attitude? 
4. Know the Lord. 
Don't just know his name and a little history. Even the demons know that much...and they tremble! Folks, we need to know Him on a personal level. We need to know Him so well that our every decision is based on His eternal will. 
5. Thank the Lord!
Yes, be thankful for a roof over your head, family, the OBVIOUS things. But wait! Are we thankful for the hardships, times he's let us fail, etc. where we've learned lessons and grown in ways we never thought possible?

After I heard all of this I had to totally rearrange my "to do" list. Do we do it out of obligation? Do we do it out of trembling and fright, like we're worried we'll be struck down with lightening or something? Nope. We should be doing these things because we are so in love with God. We should do them because we want to please Him. We should be doing them because GOD. IS. GOOD. !!!

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