Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Somebody's Ancestor

                Legalizing gay marriage, marijuana and choosing leaders who have openly not chosen God. Wow, these things really scare me. They make me think of the way our society has strayed from being Christian to being whatever makes you feel good. We used to function on hard facts. This is right and this is wrong and that’s that. Now, we are a sensation nation. If that doesn’t make everyone feel warm and fuzzy inside, it is wrong and whoever suggested it is not tolerant.
                When I think of my ancestors, I think of bonnets, big dresses, Victorian style homes or log cabins and big horses pulling buggies. I think of black and white pictures stacked in an old cedar chest that’s come from a modern eastern home to a homestead in the west. I think of people coming over on ships, World War 1 vets and people who experienced the civil war. I think about people who went to Church in the same one-room school house that their kids learned in every weekday. I think of C.S. Lewis, John Wesley, George Washington,  people who knew God and knew a generation where God was the center of culture.
                Now I pose this question. What will our decedents think of when they think of us? Kind of a strange thought right? You and I are someone’s ancestor. Will there even be a new generation? Or is the end here? I’m not sure but these are some things that I hope we’ll all do in our own lives, to help with the bigger picture.
1.       Don’t spend it if you don’t have it. My family has been eligible for various government programs our whole life but they’ve never taken them. People, you were given an AMAZING purpose. God created you to do great things, so go and find something to do. Don’t cheat yourself! Even if weaning from those programs a little bit at a time is what you have to do, please do it. You’ll feel better for it I promise.
2.       Engage yourself in the issues on a local level. “All great changes in America begin around the dinner table.” – Ronald Reagan. He’s right you know. Teach your kids, help your family to know the issues. Take. A. Stand.
3.       Become an important part of a Church. We need that fellowship. We need Christian mentors. We need to be held accountable by other Christians. The American Church needs reformation in many cases yes. But by being a part of your Church, you’ll be able to influence it and help do more work for God’s kingdom. Here are some questions I’d like you to consider (courtesy of Nate Bayne).
a.       What would my Church look like if everyone was as excited about it and as committed to it as me?
b.      If I left my Church would anyone even notice?
The Church should be the source of caring for the lost and those in need. Let’s get involved!
4.       Have faith. It is so hard. I know it is for me at least! God has been guiding nations ever since he created the world. Here’s a song that’s helped me get through the day. I hope that it helps you too!

Today remember: You are somebody’s ancestor, what will you go down in history for? What will you allow your generation to be known for?

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