Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Our Country

You know you're in our country when people speak their mind.
They don't want to hurt your feelings but, well, they're just tryin'
to relay the truth and to let you know how things really are.
They speak their minds on God, cattle and issues from afar.
You know you're in our country when people are wearin' hats.
Out in a field somewhere, a dad and his son play ball and bat.
In our country just one word and a handshake are a deal.
You hear a screen door slammin' and smell a home cooked meal.
In our country communities pull together in times of need.
Reaching out and doin' what it takes, you'll never sense greed.
Working hard to stay warm when the snow is falling down.
The joy that fills the soul when a newborn calf is on the ground.
When the hard winter is over and before the hayin' has begun,
you can bet the whole community will be ready for some fun.
This usually comes in the form of a dance down at the old hall,
or a pot luck at Church after a serious sermon with a salvation call.
In our country there's red dirt hangin' off the bottom of our soles.
A sound horse and dark soil  are the best cleansers of our souls.
It's a different kind of life that too many consider hard and confusing.
Golden wheat fields, spring rains and jinglin' spurs, we find amusing.
So the next time you're missin' the way things used to be,
to go back to the "good ol' days" just come to our country.

- Trinity Lewis

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