Friday, November 2, 2012

Love in a Dish

For those of us from the country or just small towns, there’s something we understand.
During hard times or those of celebration, it’s pulling together and lending a hand.
Whether sorrow, sadness or loss has occurred or if it’s joy and celebration,
Into the Church, hospital, home or reception hall comes a great conglomeration.
 You see it’s not just saying “we’ll think of you” or hoping you remember to pray.
When life changing events occur a dish is brought that brings light to the receiver’s day.
When someone has a baby, or loses a loved one, sometimes even for weddings.
The neighbor women come from all around to bring their latest fixings.
 Some women have a signature dish, some prefer to cook up stew.
They do it to honor the newlyweds, welcome the baby or say goodbye to someone they knew.
It’s a way of saying “We’re here for you” or “In our family you can confide.”
My mom would always make a hot dish and bread on the side.
Us kid’s would get frustrated because it was another stop to make and more stuff to cart around.
Now that I’m older I realize what a blessing my mom has been in our little country town.
There’s a lot to be said about this tradition of bringing a hot dish or casserole for a meal.
It’s not about the dish that’s brought but the creator of it for which we should make a big deal.
These ladies, like my mom, don’t do it to get patted on the back.
They just know that sometimes, we need help getting back on track.
So never take for granted those women who pack around dishes for others.
They’re just following their call to be caring and kind, always loving one another. 

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