Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Happy Birthday To Sterling Holland!

Sterling, he's a little guy, smallest kid that's in his class.
Sterling, he likes sheep, singin', and helpin' on the ranch.
Sterling, he's a friend to all, he smiles big for all to see.
Sterling, he's my little brother but he's a role model to me.
Not many people are like him, blunt about their beliefs.
No, not rude or nasty, he's  just honest and that's a rare relief.
Sterling is the first one to be up for doing something fun.
When bribing him, just say angel food cake and you've won.
The thing that makes him so unique is wrapped up in his name.
Sterling: Of the highest quality. It's true his name's to blame.
Sterling doesn't say bad words or cross anyone the wrong way.
Sterling doesn't tell bad jokes or drink or lie or cheat or disobey.
Sterling is the most mature young man I ever have seen.
Sure, I'm partial but still you'd think he's much older than 14.
He has things like kindness and composure figured out down to a "t"
He needs to learn more about wardrobe but for that he has mom and me.
I'm writing about this little champ for one main reason and that is
today he turns 14 and I wish fun and good times for that little wiz.
Burger Boy you're gonna go far, I know there are great things down the road.
Just keep your smile, positive attitude and a growing passion for God.


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