Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas is...

Christmas is cuttin' down a Christmas tree
with the whole family
 and popcorn on a string.
Christmas is secrets about the gifts you'll make
all of the goodies you'll bake
and the loved one's you'll see.

Christmas is ridin' in the chore pickup
hopin' that you don't get stuck
because of all the snow.
Christmas is candlelight and Church services,
sharing Jesus 'cuz like Daddy says
"Everybody needs to know."

Christmas is gettin' out the old song book
takin' time to take a look
for Christmas ones.
Christmas is hangin' lights on the houses outside
Ice skatin' and gettin' a good glide
and havin' fun.

Christmas is baking up a load of things
going out Christmas caroling
smilin' big when you're through.
Christmas is an early morning and stockings hung
stuffed with an orange in each one
and some candy too!

Christmas is a moment of peace and calmness
thanking God for how we've been blessed
by the baby born.
Christmas is a moment of celebration
hope for our nation
each and every morn!

-Trinity Lewis

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