Thursday, November 29, 2012


It is almost December and with the Christmas season just around the corner, I like to remember what Christmas was like when we were growing up. Of course we had the age old traditions of cutting down our Christmas tree together then going to the house to decorate it. Like many families we would go to Grandpa and Grandma's on Christmas after we'd opened our stockings. But there are several things we did that, not everyone else does.
My parents have always taught us to keep Christ at the forefront of Christmas where He belongs. The day after Thanksgiving we would kick off our Christmas season by spending the day decorating. Christian and Chastity usually headed this project up, but all of us would pitch in one way or another.
Then it began. The morning of December first, hung on a wall usually in the living room, we'd waited for it all year, and now with it's pockets bursting with treats and fun things we could not yet see...OUR ADVENT CALENDAR! My mom had made it from scratch before there were very many kids in the house. Every morning, my dad would read a portion of the Christmas story and we'd get to take the "prize" that was in the pocket for that day. Sometimes it was candy and sometimes it was bubblegum. My favorites were the certificates that, maybe once or twice a season, would fill that day's pocket. The certificates might allow us a trip to the swimming pool in town or pizza for supper. I always hoped that there would be a certificate that got rid of chores for a day but, strangely, one like that never came. Oh well, it was still fun imagining what kinds of things would be in the pocket the next morning from the advent calender. One thing we could be sure of, the morning of Christmas we would finally get candy canes!
This tradition may seem silly to some but now that I'm out of my parents house and don't have an advent calendar with candy to look forward to, I realize how much I miss that tradition. One thing's for sure. Someday when I have kids, I'll sew an advent calendar for our family and I'll make sure to save candy canes exclusively for the Christmas morning pocket.
Thus things like candy canes, hot chocolate and advent calenders all put me in the mood for another cozy Christmas! 

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