Tuesday, November 20, 2012

a look at "holiday" season

Thanksgiving, that's not it's name anymore,
it's the day before Black Friday!
Everyone is ready to head to the store,
"hurry, move, get out of my way."
Then there are twenty five days to rush.
Anymore, it's all just confusion and fuss.

I wonder where the meaning of our "holiday"
 season has up and disappeared to.
It has been proclaimed that we can't say
Christmas because it might make someone blue.
The pilgrims praising a generous God
and nativity scenes, have both been outlawed.

Take a moment with me now if you will,
to recall the importance of celebrating still.
Do you remember saying the pledge at school,
back before it was against the rule?
Do you remember praying around the dinner table,
knowing our God was willing and  able?
Back when these practices were expected,
our country and culture were protected.

But now we've let corruption slip into our lives,
attacks in schools and leaders telling lies.
Our culture isn't the way it is now,
just because the change that time allows.
It is much more than that indeed
and it is portrayed by this season of greed.

Let's make a change. Let's end this crime,
lets realize that this season is divine.
Because it is during this time of year,
we're reminded to be grateful & of our purpose here.
Jesus was born into a corrupt nation,
died, rose again and now offers salvation

So happy day of giving thanks to each of you
enjoy this time of rest and thanksgivings.
And this season make it a point, please do,
to say Merry Christmas and to all many blessings.

- Trinity Lewis

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