Friday, October 5, 2012

the old barn

The old barn on the home place made me kinda hang my head, it sure wasn't fancy at all. 

It had rotting old wood and the paint had peeled off and the wind would blow through it in the fall. 

The concrete base it was on was breaking away and the roof wasn't worth any glory. 

But as I looked at our barn I began to realize that the barn and I have similar stories. 

You see, on the inside of the warn down shed was something you wouldn't expect. 

It stayed plenty dry and the big room in the back was warm, and perfect for ewes to be kept. 

The mangers were sturdy and the feed box was full, the stanchions still held cows just as they should. 

This real run down building on the outside looked terrible but on the inside it had something good. 

Like I was sayin’ the old barn and I are alike in more ways than one. 

Just sit back and listen, you’ll understand by the time I’m all done. 

You see, all we have are these bodies that rot and decay, they might last for us to be seventy five. 

But it’s not our outside that is vital to maintain, the inside must be prepared for when we’re no longer “alive.” 

For what would happen if your hair and skin looked just right but your soul sunk further than the grave? 

I’m not sayin’ we should let ourselves go, but we need not put so much emphasis on current raves. 

Doin’ the right things and walking with Him, following the commandments is a good way to start. 

Because someday we’ll give an account to our God who cares much more about what we did with our hearts.

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