Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Stay Strong

I always loved the sunrise but now it’s even better, I’m looking at it from the other side.
The horses on our place were practical but never fancy; you should see the ones up here I get to ride.
I didn’t know we had so many friends up here, but gosh it seems like every time I turn around,
There are neighbors, old friends, and people from our area, conversation can always be found.
The cookin’ at home was always so good, it’d warm me right up and get me ready to go.
But here I never want, there is everything I could ever need and provision is plentiful.
When we were little mama, you always taught us to love God, to pray and thank him every day.
Well I did that then and I do that now, except now I hear audibly what he has to say.
God and I have a lot in common; he likes animals and little kids and helpin’ too.
He told me you were hurtin’ so I thought I’d write this note to let you know I’m thinkin’ of you.
I look down on my friends and see their struggles with college, and girlfriends and all.
But I don’t have those worries, I’m happy all day long and Jesus wipes every tear before it can fall.
So mama tell our family to be tough, to stick it out and to help dad and you not to feel so much pain.
I love you mama and thank you for all the things you do. I got to go now and help God, it’s time to pour out the rain.  

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