Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Snow Fun :)

When we were little, we’d get so excited for the first few snowfalls of the year. My mom was always the first to suggest that we should have a party and my dad usually had a ready-to-go list of people we should call and invite. Neighbors would come from all around. Even some friends from town would make it out to our house.
We’d go up into one of our biggest draws. There was one hill in particular that was clear of trees, at least until you got to the bottom. The snow was very deep so we’d air up old tire tubes and use them to fly all the way down the hill. If I was lucky, my big brother or one of his friends would be at the bottom and offer to pull my tube back up the hill.
One of my favorite ways to sled was out on the road when it was just a little icy. We had wooden runner sleds. They’re the kind with metal skids on the bottom and a steering bar on the top. You could really get a lot of speed and momentum on them. As long as you didn’t go too fast, you could even control where you were going.  
Other times we’d just go skating. Everyone would bring their own skates or they’d rummage through the big box of skates our family had collected over the years. There were only one or two nights during the winter when our old stock pond got any TLC. We’d go shovel all of the snow off of the surface and get it ready for the skaters. When we were all out on the ice, the moonlight would catch the metal of our skates and make the pond look like another twinkling night sky.
We’d stay out as long as we could but when we did head back to the house, my mom always had some of the winter’s warmest foods ready. She’d have a big pot of chili or potato soup with big chunks of ham in it. We usually had the choice of freshly brewed coffee, cider or the famous cocoa my mom made with fresh cow’s milk.
Sledding, tubing, skating and going inside to warm up at the end of a long day. Spending times with old friends and making new ones. Just another great memory from life in the country!   

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