Thursday, October 11, 2012


It seems like kids today have everything new, they have i-pods and i-pads and droids.
It’s obvious things aren’t like they used to be when we just liked to be reckless and make lots of noise.
Tonka trucks, paper airplanes, cooking with mom and feeding with dad used to be fun.
I’m afraid things are changing and morphing into something that can’t be undone.
One other example of a huge change I’ve seen with this generation, who demands all things new,
 Is that the clothes they wear have to be designer, they’re fancy and that was never the way we knew.
I’ll admit we were raised out in the sticks and life was a chapter behind everyone else.
We were home schooled, just plain ranch kids living miles and miles from anyone else.
See, this passing down of clothing I’m talking about started way back when I was a newborn.
The baby clothes I had, were basically new, ‘cept the 4 older kids by which they’d already been worn.
Then as I grew older, I’d look at the things my sisters would wear all of the time.
Then finally, within a couple of years they’d grow out of them and those clothes became mine.
The funny thing that I never realized back then was that what they wore was very in style.
But by the time that those clothes had been passed down to me they’d been “out” for quite a while.
I didn’t care because my sisters were my idols and, in fact, my big brother was too.
So I would look forward to the day when with those jeans and shirts, they’d be through.
Now don’t get to thinking my older siblings had favor and wore new clothes around.
They got them from cousins and neighbor kids, even before me, they were hand-me-downs.
I’m not saying that provision isn’t key, I’m definitely not opposed to fortune and fame.
But I’m really thankful my parents didn’t give me all I wanted because I sure wouldn’t be the same.
You see those hand-me-downs had a lesson that was passed along to every kid who put them on.
Lessons like: be thankful for what you have, some kids don’t have clothes or even a dad or a mom.
Some may be embarrassed to have so many used things, but us kids wore them proud.
The lessons they taught us couldn’t be missed. They stood up and shouted loud.

I learned that my personality and way with others is what I had to depend upon.
The outside doesn’t count, because that won’t even last when time moves on.
There were other great things about those clothes that had been passed down from kid to kid to kid.
We didn’t have to worry about getting them dirty, or ruining them during all of the activities we did.
I’m worried that like those old clothes that turned into rags and we finally threw in the bin,
Our younger generation doesn’t have the same morals to live by and to guide them.
We’re slowly letting our priorities slip to the bottom of the proverbial list.
Like God and patriotism and the heritage that is rare and very much missed.
So if you wore hand-me-downs or relate to this story in any way, shape or form,
Then look up to those who paved a path for you, who showed you how to live even before you were born.
Tell a younger person your story and remind them about the things important to you.
A solution this might be and with this solution, maybe this issue would finally be through. 

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