Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A good friend passed away in a tragic accident this week. Everyone took different lessons from the situation but I thought I’d share some of the lessons I learned with you. 
Starting today, and into the future, I will strive to: 
Ask more questions and listen better, so I can know more stories. 
Give gifts. 
Smile, the least it can do is make people wonder what I’m up to. 
Cherish time together. 
Never take for granted sharing laughter, it’s the best medicine. 
Help more often. 
Be thankful for each and every person in my life. They are in it for some reason, even if I do not yet know the reason. 
Save notes people write. 
Never take for granted when someone asks for my advice. 
Try a little harder. 
Learn more about people’s family and heritage. 
Invite people to Church. 
Understand what drives people to do the things they do. 
Give an encouraging word. 
Never assume I already understand the heart condition of a friend. 
Take lots of pictures. 
Even if I think they may not deserve it do as God has asked me and love my enemies. 
Dance together every chance we get. 
Seek opportunities to reach out to somebody who needs me. 
Take time to chat. 
Always say thank you, even for the minutest things. 
Give more hugs. 
Live a life so that people ask why I’m different, we’re called to be holy. 
Tell people how much I appreciate them. 
Build people up, there’s a whole world waiting to tear them down. 
Call more. 
Talk about funny memories and fond stories. 
Think before speaking. 
Talk about the important things, like God and eternity. 
Thank God. 
Never wish I were somewhere else. 
Change the world, even if it’s just the little world in which I live. 
Celebrate life! 
File every memory that we’ve made together, someday we’ll be able to make no more.

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