Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sheep Herdin'

The crispness of fall is back in the air. I remember when that meant that things I looked forward to like, Bible camp, county fair, camping trips and summer nights where we’d sleep on the tramp or have picnics with the neighbors, were over. Now, a new chapter that I loved almost as much was here: school.   The thing that I didn’t appreciate quite as much as the latter, was the fact that the weather got more and more chilly. The fun days of running around in a t-shirt and shorts were replaced first by long sleeves, then by a wind breaker and eventually, by carharts. One chilly winter night particularly stands out in my memory. My oldest sister and I were home alone. We got a call from my parents that a big snow storm was rapidly approaching and we needed to bring in the flock. My sister helped to put on my snow boots and heavy gloves, I was still small and she new I’d forget something. When we were both properly bundled up, we began our trek out to the sheep. They were in a small pasture that was fairly close to the house so we didn’t think that the journey would be too challenging. However, when we had them gathered and began pushing them towards the corrals, the wind hit them in the face and the “stubborn sheep mantality” started to become increasingly more evident. My sister and I were frustrated because we knew that we had the sheep’s best interest in mind. At the corral they would find a nice, warm barn and thawed water, along with green, leafy hay. The issue was that we couldn’t communicate this to the sheep and obviously we just needed them to trust us, their shepherds. Late that night we finally got the sheep in. What should have taken thirty minutes took about three hours and what seemed like an eternity to little me. Growing up with sheep has done nothing but made me feal closer to understanding God and his relationship to us. The Good Shepard always knows the right way for us. If we just follow his lead, there will be a warm barn, nourishing feed and all of the other necessities. If those sheep would have fought us much longer we may have left them to pile up and get covered in a snow drift. However, by yielding to our guidence, we were able to save them, even though they had to endure a forceful wind to get home. There will be challanging times in our Christian walk. But we have to trust that God has his hand on every part of our life and will lead us to eternity with him, if we’ll just let him be our shepard.

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