Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Butternut Squash

For the first time, this year I planted butternut squash. The plant is nicely nestled in between my tomato plants and beautiful zucchini. Although my harvest is small, I’ve been on the edge of my proverbial seat awaiting the time that each of my plants “bear fruit.” Within the past two weeks, I’ve been reaping long, forest green zucchinis and cute little tomatoes. The problem is my bloom-filled acorn squash vines have nothing on them! They’ve grown far out of their bed and into the lawn. It has gotten to the point that I have to mow around them, then go back and trim up where the vine had been laying and then try to put them back, all without breaking the spindly thing. The other problem is that they are the only plants that aren’t producing a thing, even though they look nice.

I was weeding around the plants yesterday when I found the little tag that comes next to the plant when you buy it. On the back were instructions for planting and harvesting so, out of curiosity, I began to read. The tag said that that kind of plants produce in the fall, and during the summer are just to be maintained. Oh! So my plant is healthy and, eventually, I should get some yummy squash from it!

Sometimes, I think that I do this with people. I see Christians who are like my zucchini, bearing much fruit. They teach Bible study, talk to all of their friends about God and are the first to come to mind when someone needs an inspirational speaker. Then the people who claim to be Christians enter my thoughts. They go to Church but never talk much about God. They might read their Bibles but who would know because they aren’t very flamboyant about the miracles happening in their life. I’ve realized that these people are kind of the butternut squashes of life (bear with me here people!). They are wonderful people who reach out to others in multiple ways. They might not be the Sunday school teachers or the person who heads up Bible school. But they are sure to be the ones who give a friend fifty dollars when there is too much month at the end of the money. They offer to help a neighbor move or take care of someone’s kids for the night. Jesus often time spoke to large crowds while he was on earth, but he also backed up his words by his deeds. He wasn’t afraid to roll his sleeves up and help out. He was willing to get dirty or to go without in order to help others. Just a humble carpenter. These humble carpenters, or butternut squashes, are ready to bear fruit. You just have to give them time, you might have been ready to bloom in the summer, but some Christian’s time will come later in the fall.

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