Thursday, September 27, 2012

Daddy's Saddle

Daddy’s saddle was much different than any I’d ever seen.
It had covers over the stirrups and had a brand on the back, it said “lazy VP.”
Most saddles only carry one person, but here daddy’s saddle was different too.
He’d throw me up on the swells and that’s where I’d sit the whole day through.
But it wasn’t just daddy and I on the saddle together, my brother would ride on the back.
We were little kids still, and didn’t ride alone yet. I’m real glad daddy cut us some slack.
I remember one time my brother fell asleep while he was ridin’ behind my dad.
Thank God there was snow ‘cause he tipped right off and landed on the white powdery pad.
We learned a lot of life’s lessons up there on the back of whichever horse my dad chose for the day.
Like “Hold on tight!” and “Always be ready for whatever life throws your way.”
The lessons were taught and the ridin’ got done but more happened while ridin’ daddy’s horse
He taught us old songs, the good cowboy ones and we’d be invited to join in on the chorus.
Now we’re all grown with lives of our own but I still think of those times and that saddle.
It squeaked when we rode it, often times the leather was dry, I can still hear the rattle.
But daddy’s lessons stay with us and we still sing his tunes and to that man I’ll forever look up.
His saddle was different but daddy was too he stands out from this world so corrupt.
If you’ve learned from your dad, lessons for life and for the good times he’s helped you had,
Well then give him a smile, or hug or a handshake. Go on say “Thank you dad!”


  1. While I have been enjoying all of your blogs, "Daddy's Saddle" was my favorite"!! For me it brought such wonderful memories of a big brother (aka your "daddy") whom I adored and a father (aka your gpa) whom I love more than I can say. I actually remember that saddle....pre-brand. I could hear the songs you sang (Sons of the Pioneers anyone :D???) and probably some of the same words of wisdom passed down from the previous generation. "Life in the City" was a close second and "Technology" was also great. Your doing a wonderful job and I find myself checking FB just to see if you have posted a new one. Mom and Dad and also Lisa do not do FB so I forward them to them. Keep up the great job, with all the crap online it's refreshing to find something that is entertaining and inspirational. xoxo

  2. Tears in the eyes