Friday, August 10, 2012


If you’ve ever eaten home raised beef, hog or lamb.
If you’ve enjoyed a branding or spent evenings playing “kick the can.”
If you’ve helped in the garden or an orchard or a feed store.
If you’ve never had to starve at the table when you asked for more.
If you’ve bumped down a dusty road on a bike or in a car.
If you’ve stood on a hilltop and seen nothing but God’s country for afar.
If you’ve got to ride on a horse pushin’ cows or just for fun.
If you’ve sat on a hillside after your long ride and watched the setting sun.
It’s the dew in the morning. The knowledge that red sky’s are a warning.
The feeling of accomplishment after a hard days work.
It’s the oak tree a swayin’. The show shine a sprayin’.
The smell of fresh coffee at 4 am as it starts to perk.
It’s swimming in the water tank or jumping in the dam.
It’s malts on the deck in the evening and a snack of homemade cheese and homegrown ham.

We aren’t a very loud mouthed bunch. We pride ourselves on minding our own.

But if one of these ideas took you back in time or sparked a memory. Then please nod to a farmer or a rancher because it’s not just food, it’s a lifestyle they’ve grown. 

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