Monday, August 13, 2012

ID Please

I’ve done some research in my state and our neighboring state, in which I was born. For South Dakota, where I currently live, these are the needed items to obtain a drivers license or a non-driver’s identification:
For U.S. citizens one must have one of any of these:
-Certified U.S. birth certificate issued by state or county
-Valid, unexpired U.S. passport
-Certificate of Naturalization
-Certificate of Citizenship
For non-citizens one needs:
-Valid, unexpired permanent resident card
-Valid, unexpired employment authorization document
-Foreign passport with valid unexpired U.S. Visa with I-94

And in Wyoming, where I was born and raised, the requirements are almost identical. The formula is rather simple. Most of our parents have our birth certificate and if not, petitioning the state to receive it, can be done in three weeks to a month. Thus, I don’t understand why we wouldn’t require people to show their identification at the voting booth.
When I fly, I have to show my ID. When I choose to buy certain beverages and other products, I must show my ID. Yesterday, I went to get a library card. What did they ask me for? You guessed it! An I.D.!!! After I moved into a new apartment, I had to show ID to get the electricity put in my name.
When asked for my ID in these situations, I don’t feel like I’m being sexually assaulted, racially profiled or anything else along those lines. I realize that one must be of a responsible age to drink, needs to be a resident of the home they claim to be theirs before bills and charges should go into their name, and on airplanes, it is important that one confirms they are whom they say they are to avoid fraud and terrorism.
So here is my thought process: it is easy to obtain identification. We want to live in a safe country. We want to be able to vote, and to make certain our vote counts.
Hence, it is only logical that the people who are allowed the privilege to choose those leading our country, should be from our country! No exceptions!

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