Friday, August 24, 2012


I brace myself at the starting line, the whistle blows and I begin. My race is long and takes lots of endurance. Objects are flying by, I’m going to need more energy now than ever before. I inhale with purpose and … say “debit please!”
Okay, I’m no Olympic runner; in fact during my short morning jog my mind usually convinces me that a city block to a regular person is at least three miles to me!  The whistle that starts my day is just the alarm clock on my dresser. The objects that are flying? Well those are the dishes being done or the rummaging through my closet required for me to pick the perfect wardrobe for the day’s tasks. I then stop down at the corner fuel station to spend my weekly allotted gas money.
These may not be the most appealing aspects to life, but I’ve learned that they are the watermarks of blessings. I am blessed to have people in my home who come to have a meal with me, because no meal is shared without vast conversation. I am blessed because the reason it takes me so long to pick out a wardrobe, is that I have a wide variety to chose from…even if many of the clothes in my current rotation were purchased ummm sometime while I was still in junior high school ( I love styles that come back around!) Pumping 50 green ones drop by drop into my gas tank? Sure I would love to have that money for other things. But if I had extra cash, I’m afraid I’d become more selfish than I already am. I am just thankful that I have a safe car that runs well and only develops strange sounds periodically.
Some other watermarks of blessings are making the bed, mowing the lawn, talking to that relative you despise, the list goes on and on. But, through the other lens I realize that: at least I have a bed to sleep in, and a well blanketed one at that! I have a green healthy lawn that grows because of the blessed showers God pours out. Some people don’t have relatives. I have so many that I can even be selective about them (okay, something else to work on!).   
It is almost finished, the line is nearing, I’m parched and in dire desperation all I can think about is an ice cold glass of water. So, I walk back up onto the front step and pour myself a glass (That half block really got to me!) So again I wind down from another day of busy and mundane tasks. Or were those trails left by blessings? I guess that is for you to decide. 

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