Monday, August 27, 2012

Advice :)

I was at a bridal shower for a friend this weekend and I just had to share this :).

After shuffling through all of the cookware gifts and homemakers packages, she opened a very unique gift. First, she pulled out a bag of Hershey's kisses. A note on them said "Kisses: Sprinkle throughout the day applying liberally and often. They sweeten your outlook." Next, she opened a bag of neon balloons. And the note "Anger Management: Remember your school days. Blow all of your frustration out and then pop it, and let it go. (Just tell our man "hold on a minute, I need to find my balloon!")" After the balloons was a bag of clothes pins, "Tongue Control: No matter how good you apologize later it won't erase the words you shouldn't have said. Remember James 1:19 'quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger.'" The fourth gift was a notebook "Memories: Record the good things he does for you, big and little. When you want to complain or feel sorry for yourself, read them and remember what a special man you have." The final gift was a package of wildflower seeds or, as the not called them "Seeds of Love: Love has sprouted in your heart but it is a delicate shoot right now. Water it often and weed out discontentment, frustration, complaining and selfishness so that it will grow strong and bloom for a lifetime.

...Oh and one last one, feet warmers, just in case the bride gets cold feet!! :)

(This gift was from her sister Jessie-thank you for letting me use it!)

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