Thursday, June 14, 2012

Happy Flag Day!

We are so blessed to have the opportunity to live in America! Flag Day is the perfect time to sit back and remember all of the things encompassed by holding the title of being an “American.” We can set up lemonade stands on the street curb, without threat. We can travel from state to state and not be held accountable by anyone. We can be outspoken about our feelings on politics and religion without being persecuted, for the most part. If an issue does arise in court, we are innocent until proven guilty. We get to choose our area of profession and we can differ from that at any point. We can raise our family in the country, in the city, on forty acres or in a town house. In no other country do women have as many freedoms as we do here. During history and today, we make it a point to be a melting pot so that all who come feel welcome.  At times, I wonder if our all inclusive attitude causes us to stumble as a nation. We need to have open arms to those who come to our country. We are a Christian nation, thus we must portray His love. Nevertheless, we can’t take for granted that enemies do exist. Not everyone coming here wants to better our nation. America wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the men and women who have fought and laid their lives down for the U.S. 

One powerful way to support our troops is prayer. Beyond that I think that it is important that we defend legislation so that it only benefits them and does not hurt them. I would encourage you to research the budget cuts that are currently being discussed at the Pentagon. These cuts may put our military at a strong disadvantage. Get involved on a local level so that our country remains powerful on a global level. God, thank you for blessing America!  

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